Sowing Hope, Sailing Dream

The 40-day college student training program by L.J.T and Jardine OneSolution came to a close recently. This training included three stages: corporate culture values training, must-know assembly training, and rotation practice training, aiming to help college students better understand the company's core values, establish correct cultural concepts and master the basic professional skills of marketing, design, engineering, bidding, accounting, research and development, etc., so that the "Seeds" could absorb nutrients more quickly and thrive in a short period of time. A total of 36 fresh graduates from all lines of the company participated in the training.


At the opening ceremony, Ding Yan from the Human Resources Center introduced the specific arrangements for the training to the college students, and gave a detailed introduction to the promotion channels and talent echelon development plan in various lines of the company. Ding Wei put forward that colleges students should unify their values to quickly integrate into this big family, initiate their work mode with correct thinking, work enthusiasm and personal capability, and fully tap into their infinite power to realize self-value. At the same time, the training of professional knowledge was the basis of comprehensive ability improvement and knowledge expansion. The acquisition of knowledge enabled us to grow continuously and made us highly-skilled professional talents with lifelong learning.

Wang Hong from the Project Management Center conducted an in-depth analysis and interpretation of the company's construction management system, construction process and common quality problems. As a newcomer to the workplace, the students shall work hard to learn the advanced construction management experience from predecessors and their excellent quality of diligence and hard work. Only learning from the strengths of others can we make up for the weaknesses of ourselves.


Wang Xingming from the Design Institute put forward that core competitiveness was an indispensable factor for becoming a leader in the industry. Everyone should be good at integrating resources, learning and innovation continuously. In daily work, we should communicate with customers more often, understand what they want, and truly practice the company's "Customer-centric" values.


Vice Chairman Wan Wangjin proposed in the marketing line training exchange session that college students should be interested in the post they were engaged in, choose the work they love and love the work they choose. They should have a clear goal, so as to grow faster based on the platform. Mr. Wan stressed that they should take the opportunities of training and rotation practice to clarify their own learning goals, clearly understand what they wanted to learn during the rotation, and broke down the goals for implementation on a daily basis.


Weng Zhitong, Chairman of L.J.T, shared the workplace growth experience with the students in the fresh graduate turning into regular employee panel and patiently interacted with the students, so that the students could gain a clearer understanding of their career planning. Mr. Weng pointed out that as the future of the company, it was necessary to make proper career planning, cultivate professional ability, continuously improve personal emotional intelligence and communication skills, develop good learning and working habits, make rational use of "Fragment" time, and spend time in the truly meaningful things, so as to quickly grow into business backbone of the company.


The company attaches great importance to the training and development of fresh graduates and helps students integrate into the company as soon as possible through the development and implementation of comprehensive training program, so that they can transition from "Students" to "Gold Mantis personnel" smoothly. "What's learned from books is superficial after all. It's crucial to have it personally tested somehow." It is expected that all the "Seeds" can really put the knowledge they have learned into their work and thrive on the "Fertile soil" of Langyi.

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