L.J.T Won the Provincial

Recently, great news came from Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development that the "Tongcheng Network R & D Office Building Intelligent Project" undertaken by Suzhou L.J.T Intelligent and Technology Co., Ltd. won 2017 Jiangsu Excellent Engineering Award "Yangtze Cup" successfully. "Yangtze Cup" is the highest honor award for construction engineering quality in Jiangsu Province, representing the highest level of engineering construction in the province.

About the Project

Tongcheng Network

Tongcheng Network R & D Office Building Intelligent Project is undertaken by L.J.T for Tongcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tongcheng Tourism" for short). Tongcheng Tourism is China's leading leisure travel online service provider. In the project, an independent and full-featured green data center computer room with an area of about 500 square meters was constructed in reference to Class A standards, equipped with closed cold pool, integrated machine room, pipe network gas fire control, power environment monitoring and other equipment. The office building has high-density open office area with more than 11,000 inion point locations. The cable layout is standard and neat, with accurate and clear labels. The system and other office building digital monitoring, all-in-one card system data integrated management platform have guaranteed data interoperability and association. At the same time, it also has simple and economical conference operation. The central control panel can easily control lights, curtains, curtains, projection, volume, etc....

The winning of "Yangtze Cup" has perfectly demonstrated L.J.T's excellent brand quality. L.J.T has always adhered to the philosophy of "Elegant culture, fast service and professional proficiency", striving for high-quality engineering awards and gaining recognition from all walks of life, thereby laying a good foundation for quality projects in the future.