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Located at No. 5 Yunling Road in Laoshan District, Qingdao Haitian Grand Theatre and Hotel has been in use since its completion in 2010. It is a landmark building of public cultural facilities in Qingdao. And it serves as a sub-venue for Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Qingdao Summit. This is the "Debut" Qingdao Haitian Theatre after its maintenance and removation. L.J.T is honored to participate in the upgrading and renovation of Qingdao Haitian Grand Theatre and Hotel this time and has completed the project with the cooperation of subsidiaries of Gold Mantis.

Qingdao Haitian Grand Theatre (and Hotel)

The Qingdao Haitian Grand Theater project had a tight schedule and arduous tasks. L.J.T “found the specific ways to solve the problem” and completed the intelligent engineering renovation and upgrading of the theatre and hotel within just 120 days. In the hotel area, re-construction of various systems was carried out after the overall dismantling of the hotel, including room control, integrated wiring, video surveillance, computer network, program-controlled telephone, cable television, background music, conference system, inion release system, etc. And the grand theater part was reinstalled and upgraded after the original monitoring system, wireless intercom system, access control system etc. were removed.

It took only three months from the issuance of the project design plan to the overall demolition of the original hotel and the completion of the project. The project department made full preparations for the timely delivery. In the early stage, the designers were stationed on site to understand the situation in the shortest possible time. They checked the plan with the owner during the day, completed drawings at night, and successfully issued a construction plan before the completion of the demolition. The material suppliers were communicated in advance so that the construction materials could arrive at the site in time. In the accelerated construction phase, the project department overcame all difficulties and worked extra shifts. They even gave up Chinese New Year holiday and kept working day and night.

Qingdao Haitian Grand Theater - Opera Hall

The theater area of the project involved multiple aspects of renovation and upgrading. When the project department took over the project, the original unit only did repair work. And they encountered serious obstacles in the integrated cabling work and old system cable dismantling. The project department communicated with the original unit in a timely manner and find grille ceiling accessories. They dismantled a piece every 4 meters for cabling and promptly restored the original form after cabling was completed. At the same time, in view that most of the original video surveillance cameras could not be used normally, several hundreds of new and replaced surveillance sites were added this time; and the original analog surveillance system was transformed into all-digital surveillance system.

L.J.T mainly focused on the overall optimization of the theater based on intelligent construction, which greatly improved the internal and external environment of the theater, safeguarding the subsequent safe operation. The project department and other teams overcame the difficulties of cross operation, winter construction, cross year construction impact, etc. and gave full play to the brave spirit of fearing no difficulties. Not only were they unanimously praised by provincial and municipal leaders during the inspection, but they also received letters of appreciation from the owner Guoxin!  

SCO Summit Sub-venue - Qingdao Haitian Grand Theater Upgrading and Renovation Project was successfully completed. L.J.T will keep forging ahead and creating more boutique projects in the future.