L.J.T Creates New Landmark West of Suzhou - Ufun Suzhou Opens Successfully

In May

With the opening of Ufun Suzhou

Customer count on the grand opening day 140,000+

Letting rate over 95%

Opening rate over 90%


It also signifies

L.J.T's official completion of

“Intelligent Construction” of

The new landmark west of Suzhou

Since the entry for construction in January 2017, Ufun Suzhou Project was official completed in April 2018. Located at the intersection of Jinfeng Road and Zhuyuan Road, it is a commercial complex with 6 floors underground and 3 floors aboveground, with a construction area of approximately 230,000 square meters that can radiate large areas of Mudu and Shishan business circles. As a shopping mall brand under KWG Property, Ufun advocates quality business and has introduced a number of brands that enter the mainland and Suzhou for the first time, including Freshhema, Grand, MeLAND, Tencent Video Good Time Offline Store, etc.

Ufun Suzhou is positioned as the "Family Life Experience Center" that fully considers the elements of "Art interpretation, ecology and happy life". Apart from focusing on shaping commercial quality, it also emphasizes satisfying consumers' pursuit of spiritual culture quality. Fountains, waterscapes, roof gardens, children's playgrounds and other places not only provide consumers with the best artistic display, but also create a distinctive business atmosphere. The background music system designed and constructed by L.J.T serves as the auditory part of the artistic display in Ufun, which ensures the stable operation of the backstage system and integrates the design and architectural decoration.

At the same time, Ufun Suzhou is also extremely demanding for detail experience. Taking the parking lot as examples, there are multiple intelligent systems such as the parking management system, video parking guide system, auto fare collection system, etc. for the convenience of consumers from finding parking space, tracking car to paying parking fees, etc. The call system, wireless intercom system and background music system connected to the service counter can quickly and efficiently provide lost and found service, broadcasting for seeking people and other services, showing attention to details everywhere.

The grand opening of Ufun Suzhou marks the new rise of Suzhou Mudu business circle, which has made up for the vacancy of large-scale complex and reshaped the business pattern west of Suzhou City, bringing a brand-new lifestyle and shopping experience. This time, L.J.T has constructed more than ten intelligent systems for Ufun Suzhou that provide the owners with the best quality intelligent experience from monitoring, wireless network, parking lot, passenger flow, access control and many other aspects.